Every item found in the game is either normal (only bought in the store), magic (looted from a dead monster or from a standard chest) or an artifact (crafted with tailoring or blacksmithing, found in a artifact chest or rewarded at the end of a quest).

Magic items and Artifacts will have from one to four magic attributes, in the case of magic items, one of those attributes will lend its name to the item, but no more than one prefix or suffix is ever applied.

Note: If 2 or more attributes are on, the usually the one that is the highest percent or number is the main suffix/prefix but this is not always the case.

Bonus Format Prefix/Suffix
Critical x% ...of Criticallity
Weaken x% ...of Weakening
Mana Drain x ...of Drainage
Hit Chance +x% ...of Accuracy
Dodge Chance +x% ...of the Nimble
Block +x% ...of Blocking
Spell Dam +x% ...of Harnessing
Damage +x% ...of Brutality
Life Leech x% Vampiric...
Pierce x ...of Piercing
Stealing x% ...of the Thief
Protection +x ...of Protection
Max Mana +x ...of Affinity
Hit Points +x ...of Constitution
Learning x% ...of Tuition
Improve Potions x% ...of Alchemy
Improve Scrolls x% ...of the Scribe
Fame Reward +x% ...of Glory
Stun Chance x% ...of Heaving
Loot Chance +x% ...of Luck
Bleed x% ...of Wounding
Poison x% ...of Toxicity
Mana Burn x% ...of Magebane
Resist Bonus x% ...of Warding
Burn x% ...of Inferno
Corrode Armour x% ...of Shattering
Mana Leech x% ...of Absorbtion

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